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The Cibola County Juvenile Drug Court addresses the needs of Cibola County juveniles in the legal system struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

The program consists of regular drug testing, counseling sessions, and court appearances which teach the necessary skills for maintaining a sober lifestyle as well as supporting the participant and their family in the process.

Drug Court Judge

The Honorable Amanda Sanchez Villalobos

Program Director

Lori A. Vigil

Goals and Objectives

The Cibola County Juvenile Drug Court is a strength-based program consisting of four phases that strives to not only end substance addiction but to connect the participants with their family, school, and community. By teaching the participants the skills necessary to succeed in the areas of family, school, employment and the community, the risk of relapse is greatly reduced.


The Cibola County Juvenile Drug Court was created in 2004.

The Juvenile Drug Court is held every week at 4 p.m.



Mailing Address

P.O. Box 758
Grants, NM  87020

Physical Address

700 E Roosevelt Ave Ste 60
Grants, NM 87020


Phone: 505.287.8831 ext. 3119 


Fax: 505-285-5755
Email: gradlav@nmcourts.gov