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What is Pretrial Services?

Pretrial Service(PTS) is a form of non-monetary release. A person on release is required to report to the pretrial office in person unless otherwise instructed.  A judge determines whether a defendant is eligible for PTS and whether certain services, such as drug or alcohol testing, GPS, Soberlink, or mental health/substance abuse counseling, will be required as part of the PTS supervision services. PTS monitors a person’s compliance with court-ordered conditions of release.

Meet our team: 

Albert W. Kwan 
Pretrial Supervisor
Email: berdawk@nmcourts.gov
Phone: 505.867.2376 x1165

Araceli Garcia-Galaviz 
Pretrial Officer
Email: lludagg@nmcourts.gov
Phone: 505.865.2400 x2114

Brenda C. Perales
Pretrial Officer
Email: lludbcp@nmcourts.gov
Phone: 505.865.2400 x2113

Joseph Sena
Pretrial Officer
Email: lludjxs@nmcourts.gov
Phone: 505.865.2400 x2164