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Thirteenth Judicial District Court

Tribunal del Decimotercer Distrito Judicial

Thirteenth Judicial District Court

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Valencia County Orientation

Information on this page is to guide you through the basics of petit jury service in Valencia County 

Everyone summoned for jury service in Valencia County must complete their Jury Qualification & Questionnaire online at even if you are requesting to be excused.

Your term-of-service is TWO MONTHS: March 31, 2017, through June 2, 2017

5 things you need to know for successful jury service:

  1. Starting March 31, 2017, you must call the Jury Message Phone (505-865-4639, extension. 4) or check the website every Friday anytime after 5:00 pm for information regarding your Group Number

  2. We call jurors by group number; report when your group number is called

  3. Email dates you are unavailable during your term here before your Group Number is called, otherwise, your request may be denied

  4. Always check the Jury Message Phone or the website the night before you are scheduled for cancelations. If a trial cancels you are not required to report

  5. Email with any questions or call the Clerk's Office at 505-865-4639, extension 1 during normal business hours

The following was the language on your summons:

Your Juror Badge Number is: ___________ (Your individual badge number)
Your Juror Group Number is: _______ (Your group number, you must report when your group number is called)

In order to comply with this summons, you must go to to complete and
submit your on-line Juror Questionnaire and Qualification Form by March 24, 2017 If you do not have
internet access, you must call our office (505) 865-4639 ext. 1 by March 24, 2017 and request the forms be mailed to you.

No one is exempt from jury service because of his or her job, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, economic status or lack of English proficiency.

More Information: 

Requesting Exemption or Disqualification?

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