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Effective May 15, 2020, any person entering a New Mexico courthouse or judicial building must wear a mask or other protective face covering to help control the spread of COVID-19. If you do not have a facemask we will provide you with a disposable mask. For additional information, please click here. To view a video of steps the Judiciary is taking to keep courts safe please click here.


District and Magistrate Courthouses in the Thirteenth Judicial District have remained open throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.  You can view our Supreme Court-approved plan to continue operations here.

For the latest information on the Coronavirus, visit the New Mexico Department of Health’s website at https://cv.nmhealth.org/ or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at https://www.cdc.gov.

Notice – Emailing and faxing of documents by self-represented litigants and attorneys

In response to the Coronavirus public health emergency, the Thirteenth Judicial District is allowing the filing of documents by email or fax to reduce the requirement of the public, parties, and attorneys to enter the courthouse to file documents.  Self-represented litigants and attorneys are permitted to file documents via email or fax in all cases. Attorneys must continue electronic filing through File and Serve for cases eligible for this service.

Self-represented litigants, attorneys and law enforcement agencies are permitted to file documents via email or fax in pending cases that do not require a filing fee.  If a filing fee is required to open/reopen a case, the pleadings should be mailed via US mail, not emailed, to the respective Court along with the filing fee.

Self-represented litigants and attorneys are permitted to file a new case or reopen a case that does not require a filing fee by email or fax.

Attorneys and law enforcement agencies will be allowed to open a new case or reopen a case that does not require a filing fee by email or fax.

Self-represented litigants are permitted to submit free process applications along with the petition or complaint to the Court either via email or fax.

If free process is granted, the filing party will be informed and may proceed to file the remaining documents via email or fax.

If free process is not granted, the filing party will be informed and will be required to submit their filings via US mail along with a filing fee in the form of a money order.

Self-represented litigants and attorneys must provide the following information when emailing or faxing a filing:

Name of filer,

Email address/fax number,

Case caption and case number,

Telephone number,

Physical address/mailing address,

Document for filing.

Filed copies will be returned to the sender upon request via email or fax.

Contact information for each District and Magistrate Court in the Thirteenth Judicial District:

Cibola District Court: gradcounter@nmcourts.gov (505) 285-5775

Cibola Magistrate Court: gramadmin@nmcourts.gov (505) 285-6485

Sandoval District Court: berdissuedocs@nmcourts.gov (505) 867-5161

Sandoval Magistrate Court in Bernalillo: bermadmin@nmcourts.gov (505) 867-0970

Sandoval Magistrate Court in Cuba: cubmadmin@nmcourts.gov (505) 289-3013

Valencia District Court: lludissuedocs@nmcourts.gov (505) 865-8801

Valencia Magistrate Court in Belen: belmadmin@nmcourts.gov (505) 864-9532

Valencia Magistrate Court in Los Lunas: llumadmin@nmcourts.gov (505) 865-0639

In person Legal clinics are canceled until further notice.  Free Legal Teleclinic November 18, 2021 register here Free Legal Teleclinic November 18, 2021

Domestic Relations mediation dockets are canceled – Parties will be contacted individually to schedule mediation. If you have questions, please email Erin Olson berdeao@nmcourts.gov, or call 505-867-2376, ext. 1172

Sandoval County Courthouse

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